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This blog is curated by me: TerezTerez | Low Carb Love

I have been following a low carb lifestyle for the past 8 years and am so passionate about what it can do for people, their energy and their health.

I hope you love the posts, recipes and downloads on this site, and if there is something that you’d like me to review or blog about, just let me know here.

You can also read my story of how I found the low carb way of life and how it impacted me physically and emotionally.

I love everything low carb – banting; paleo; ketogenic; atkins; sugar-free. Because at the end of the day each of those “diets” (in inverted commas because they should be seen as a lifestyle) are very similar. They all promote healthy eating with more real food, and less processed food.

If you are new to this type of lifestyle, there are just three things to remember, the three things that Low Carb Love is passionate about:

  1. Every body is different – you know what is good or not good for your body, and it’s up to you to make the decisions.
  2. This is a lifestyle – this is about making sustainable and lifetime changes to eat more real food, less processed food, more fat and less toxic sugar. It is not a once off short term fix – and nothing ever should be.
  3. Your ultimate goal is health – you may or may not need to lose weight, but everyone needs to protect their health, and if you focus on health, weight won’t be the problem.

Oh and there’s one more thing, the name of our site is very relevant: Low Carb Love, because it loves every body, and because everything starts with love!

Lots of love…