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No Carb Pasta – 6 Things you Didn’t Know

What? No carb pasta? Have you lost your noodles? It cannot be possible that the pasta we all know (and used to love) could have zero carbs! But it is true – there is such a thing as no carb pasta. There are 6 important things that you probably don’t know about this pasta and you should.

Number 1: No Carb Pasta was Discovered by the Japanese

If you want something done well, ask the Japanese, right? Right! Well oddly enough the Japanese have done it again and found a yam called a Konjac Yam, that is sliced and diced in such a way to create noodles that have zero carbs and very few calories. The Japanese call them Shirataki Noodles, which means “White Waterfall” and when you see the noodles, you’ll know why.


Number 2: They are Made From Glucomannan (Who?)

The No Carb Shirataki noodles are mostly made of water and glucomannan. Glucomannan, which, apart from being a fun word to pronounce, is a water-soluble dietary fibre. The Japanese even describe it as “the broom of the intestines” – which is a visually interesting way to describe it. I can see mothers all over Japan shouting to their kids “Go clean your intestines little Chou – and don’t let me find a single toy in there!”


Number 3: They Are the Only Noodles to Aid Weight Loss

The Glucomannan in the shirataki noodles is used all over the world and is a big hit with Dr. Oz (the health expert made famous on the Oprah Winfrey show). Dr. Oz calls it “natures skinny sponge” because of the way the glucomannan “absorbs” your hunger pangs. It has also been used for many other medicinal purposes, including controlling blood sugar levels, for type 2 diabetes, lowering cholesterol and even constipation.


Number 4: Shirataki Noodles Save You Time

Yes, these no carb noodles are so clever, they even save you time, because they are so quick to prepare. Just rinse and drain the noodles, pop them in a pan on high heat and dry fry for 2 minutes. Done! Now they are ready to be added to your cuisine. For soups and stews, they don’t even need to be cooked. Drain, rinse, voilà!


Number 5: No Carb, But High Variety

You can enjoy all of your old favourite pasta dishes with these No Carb Shiritaki noodles instead. Fancy some Spaghetti Bolognese? Just use the versatile Fettuccine. How about a cashew nut stir-fry? Add some angel hair pasta for a truly asian experience. Chicken à la king tonight darling? Why not, and let’s have it with Rice Pearls. Lasagne for the family lunch? Of course, and they will lap it up with the shirataki lasagne sheets.


Number 6: These Shiritaki Noodles are Organic, High in Fibre and Gluten-Free

You’ve read about all the amazing things the Shiritaki noodles can do, PLUS the Superlite Noodles on our site are gluten-free, super high in fibre and certified organic too! We’ve chosen the Superlite range for you, because they have the highest fibre content than most other options in the market (at 4.9g glucomannan per 100g). They truly are everything you’ll ever need in a noodle. Enjoy!


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