Sugar Barometer for South Africa

A New Sugar Barometer For South Africa

Do you know how much sugar is in that energy bar you’re busy snacking on? Probably not, because like most people it’s a small pain to try and decipher what is in the pre-packaged foods we eat.

That is why Eat Better South Africa! (The Noakes Foundation educational arm) has launched the Sugar Barometer. It will easily show us whether a certain product has a low, medium or high sugar content.

The Noakes Foundation: Eat Better South Africa! Launches New Sugar Barometer

South Africa’s Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan announced in February 2016 that the country will be adding a sugar tax to all high sugar products from April 2017. This is all very well, but does this mean that people will make better food choices? What we really need is more awareness around sugar.

Jayne Bullen, Manager of the Noakes Foundation says: “The focus has to be on education not mere taxation and revenue generation. Whilst imposing a beverage sugar tax is a progressive move by government and the strategy supports the dramatic need for something to be done about the escalating diabetes and obesity crisis in South Africa and around the globe, it’s not yet clear enough whether this money will be put back into better nutritional education and awareness.”

If you want to help The Noakes Foundation to get the Sugar Barometer on all food products in SA, then you can donate to them here: Donate