Low Carb Love Xylitol 1kg


If you have bit of a sweet tooth (like me), then you're going to want to make friends with Xylitol. It looks like sugar and tastes like sugar, but has none of the scary side effects of sugar (addiction, sugar-crashes, wanting more sugar etc). You can use it safely for your baking or to sweeten your tea.



P.S. Xylitol, while perfectly harmless to humans, is actually toxic to dogs, so please be cautious when using this sweetener around them. I love dogs and I love Xylitol, but sometimes in life you have two friends that should never meet!

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Product Description

Xylitol is a sugar replacement suitable for those following a low carb, banting, LCHF, sugar-free or atkins lifestyle. It is also suitable for diabetics. The reason for this is that it doesn’t have the same calorific value than sugar and is also absorbed more slowly than sugar. It therefore does not contribute to high blood sugar levels like normal sugar would.

You can use this xylitol in your tea, coffee or cocoa. You can also use it in baking (replace the same amount of sugar for xylitol).

Xylitol has been said to be good for dental health and you will see that many products (like chewing gum) have it added specifically for the dental benefits.

There has been much research done on this sweetener and while it is considered safe and completely non-toxic for humans, it is toxic to dogs, so please don’t share your xylitol cookies with them!

Also too much of it in humans can have a laxative effect, so with everything make sure you enjoy it, in moderation!


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